Virtual Meetings


Virtu-Meet’s virtual meeting solution is the perfect technology to support your virtual or hybrid conference or event. The software platform is a favorite amongst event professionals because it features:

Reliable single sign-on capabilities via a secure, encrypted website link that is password protected

An interactive agenda that features session descriptions, speaker photos and bios, session handouts

A visually appealing layout that features branding and a large streaming window where attendees can view content that is pre-recorded or streaming live

Interactive General Sessions and Breakouts with countless screen layout options

Upgraded production capabilities using our remote studio team and V-Mix technology. A great way to combat screen fatigue

Countless options for audience engagement including polling, surveys, text chat, in-platform messaging, social media integrations, photo collages, and gamification

Virtual tradeshow capabilities that feature fully customizable and brandable exhibitor pages

Sponsor showcase opportunities that will result in increased ROI for sponsors

24/7 instant access to data and analytics including lead generation and sponsor interactions

On demand content and access to links to extend the event impact

Monitored server stack buildouts and server redundancy that promotes platform reliability

Open captioning and translation services

Fulfillment support for swag bags, sponsor collateral, etc.

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